Customer Testimonials

• I just terminated HughesNet. I contacted Jet Jet about 4 months ago and they came out and did an analysis and determined that I was just outside the optimum range for reliable internet. I appreciated their frank and useful discussion and them not wanting to provide a service I would not be happy with. About a month ago, they contacted me and stated they have a new tower in the area and wanted to come out and do another test. The test showed excellent results. I had them install and have been happy ever since. HughesNet was sluggish and often had very poor down/up and the limited bandwidth was a killer for anything other than email. We often relied upon cellphone for FB and other social media sites.

We are very happy with Jet Jet, the customer service is great and we are getting around 20-25 meg download and 12-15 meg upload. We have Netflix, Amazon and a Ring doorbell now!

• Jet Jet! I had to switch to them after 10 years with “…”. Now we can actually stream TVs, devices, and games. Never were able to do that before and was paying for the same amount of speed at the same price.....

• I managed to get locked into a contract with Hughes Net, which had terrible service out here. Run!
As customers, how are we to know the service we requested from their company will not work in our area? It cost me over $200 to cancel their service and that was after paying over $100/month for a year, plus the extra costs from using our cell phones because their service sucked.

I've had Jet Jet for almost a year now and they are wonderful. If Jet Jet is available, get it!

• We use Jet Jet, and love it. We’ve ditched satellite and use only streaming now, and have no issues. I also work from home, so I’m online all day.

If you ever do have a problem, their customer service can’t be beat!

• We just installed a Jet Jet’s LTE service in order to kick Hughesnet to the curb (after 20 years with no other options). We could not be happier with our internet and with the service provided by Jet Jet, a company owned and operated out of Sealy.

• Agree with the Jet Jet recommendation...if it's available at your place, you will not find a more reliable service or better customer service anywhere!

• I gotta say that I am absolutely in love with Jet Jet, our regular TV went out due to the weather but our internet is still going strong! Definitely glad we decided to go with them for our internet!
- Robin

• We are on Mixville and have used their service for several years now! Awesome service and excellent Customer Service!!!
- Shannon

• If you are in one of their service areas ( Jet Jet Internet) is great we have had them for several years and they are always happy to help if we ever have issues, they come out
- Diana

• I get great service for $95 a month for unlimited and if I have a problem, which I’ve only had one once, they came right away and fixed it with no charge! They really are a great company!
- Rachel

• Jet Jet has been better than my DSL ever was in Houston. If you are in Frydek, they have a tower fairly close.
– Marc

• We have the unlimited no throttling package. We love them. Excellent customer service and locally based.
– Amanda

• I use Jet jet and am very happy with it. It’s the best I tried so far!!
- Paul

• Jet Jet is excellent!
- Jackie

• Jet Jet Sealy is the way to go! Awesome company and top notch customer service
– Braeg

• Jet Jet is good. Love them.
– Tara

• We really like Jet Jet. Good service and very personable.
– Cheryl

• Jet Jet is who we have. They are wonderful. We have had quite a few internet companies, but we love Jet Jet.
– Diana

• Jet Jet is great. We use it at home in Sealy.
– Tina

• Jet Jet has awesome service and outstanding customer service!
– Heather

• Best I’ve had in Austin County, great service as well
- Les