Helpful Guides

If you experience trouble with your connection please follow these steps:

1. Check power supply to your computer, router and the POE that we installed. The POE will most likely be located near your router. You can identify the POE by locating the cat 5 cable that is coming out of your computer or router and following it until you see a small box that has another cat 5 cable and power cord connected to it. The POE must be plugged in at all times.

2. Reboot your router (unplug it and plug it back in) and wait about 2 minutes before accessing the internet to see if this clears up the problem.

3. If that does not work, reboot your computer or device and wait about 2 minutes before trying to connect to the internet.

4. If you are still having trouble, unplug the POE for 30 seconds and then plug it back in and wait about two minutes before you try to connect to the internet.

5. If you are using a wireless device, please make sure that the WIFI (wireless internet) setting is turned on.