Frequently asked Questions

Are you really a local company?
Yes, we really are a local company. Our office is located at 1089 Pyka Road, Sealy, TX 77474. The owner of Jet Jet Internet lives in Sealy, TX. The employees of Jet Jet Internet live in Austin County and surrounding areas.

Is Jet Jet Internet Insured?
Yes, Jet Jet Internet is insured to protect our customers.

I have had Broadband Internet before from some other wireless provider and I was not satisfied with the service. How is Jet Jet Internet any different?
Jet Jet Internet is different because we are local and we strive to give our customers the best and fastest internet possible. Since we are Sealy residents and struggled with years of frustrating and inefficient internet service, we decided to create Jet Jet Internet.
Also, we will always be upfront with our customers and potential customers about our ability to provide quality service to your particular location. If we can't provide a quality signal where you are located, we will be honest with you from the start. We would rather tell you no than to sell you something that you will not be happy with.

Do I have to sign a service contract?
No, we do not have a service contract binding you to use our service. However, we do have a usage agreement that you will be required to sign. The usage agreement simply states what we will provide and what you agree to pay and that you will use the internet in accordance with all state and federal laws. You can cancel our service at any time without penalty.

Is sales tax included?
Yes. We chose flat rate pricing for our customers for simplicity.

Will I always get the exact advertised speed?
Without a hard wire from our hub to your home or office, it is currently impossible for anyone to guarantee an exact speed or connection (which is why we advertise our speeds as up to speeds). In the wireless broadband realm, there are conditions that will effect the speed and connection such as atmosphere, weather, terrain, foliage, interference from other radio equipment, etc. We do make every effort to limit the effects of the these conditions on our network.